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FINANCIAL FITNESS MADE EASY Healthy Finances Healthy People Healthy Futures

FIN FIT is a financial wellness program dealing with your employees’ minds and hearts! We provide ‘mind navigation’ that shows how the mind flows towards financial distress and well-being (Mindset Shift). To benefit your employees and your company as a whole.

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Financial Fundamentals

The keynote presentation offers the tools for crafting a vision for one's finances and a management style that is energizing and inspiring.

One on One Coaching

The practical coaching draws upon a decade of visionary leadership to help attendees take a deeper look at their finances.

Employee Orientated

This program addresses the central issues of our beliefs that are critical in maintaining balance and being productive in the workplace

Yearly Follow Ups

The training is not an end in itself because follow-up is a critical step in successfully creating better employees

Building Financial Wellness One Employee at a Time!

Employees with good financial well-being are more productive – translating to more profits for your business

Reduce Team Liability

Everyone 'pulls their weight'

Boost Employee Retention

Healthy Finances. Healthy People. Healthy Futures.

Enhance Employee Activivty

Enhance productivity as employees become more engaged.

Personal Finance Employee
Empowerment Program

The ONLY financial wellness program that deals with employees minds and hearts!

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Why Choose Us

Company Benefits

Inspire attendees to understand financial distress and the new opportunities to overcome these obstacles

Increase Employee Engagement

Empowered employees have the tools to have a good work-life balance and engage more in their work.

Increase Participation in retirement schemes

Healthy finances for this current season, and for the future brings a sense of security for your employees.

Increased Productivity Means Inceased Profits

As employees work with a newfound hope for their financial futures they can dedicate more energy into their work.

Give employees a 'raise' without increasing their salaries

This program helps to identify and plug the 'leaks' in employee's financial well-being creating a better financial outlook.

Event Driven Financial Wellness Program

This program provides the ‘how’ to attaining financial well-being and unbiased interactive instruction in personal finance management fundamentals.

Value Propositions

How Employees Benefit

Healthy Finances • Healthy People • Healthy Futures

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Training to deal with financial Challenges

Healthy finances result in a more balanced personal life which brings an added focus to your work life.

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Eliminate Debt Forever!

With yours of experience in the financial sector we are able to share the key principles to living a debt FREE life!

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'Find' more money to Save & Invest

We teach you how to prepare for the future TODAY. This creates a sense of security well into your retirement age.


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Go ahead and get started TODAY!

Building financial wellness one employee at a time.

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Personal Finance Employee Empowerment Program (PFEEEP)


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